The Secret to a Fabulous After School or Camp Program

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I know we’re new. And marketing gurus strongly advise that new companies should build up suspense to launch their new venture and offerings to pique people’s interest. But I’m not going to do it.

Nope. We’re just gonna lay it out for everyone to see right here and now. That’s right.

Just like the heading says…we’re gonna hand out the secret to a fabulous after school or camp program.

And for free, too.

We’re even going to yell it out a tube…okay, so maybe not. But we will type the secret in bold type so you can’t miss it (see below). We know how busy you are and we aren’t going to waste your time. So this is it, right here and right now. Cuz we’re awesome like that.

If you have been in the after school or camp game for any length of time (say, like eight seconds), you have been told there are many factors which contribute to a well-run after school or camp program. You have been told this in many ways. And you’ve been told the many factors many times.

I guarantee someone has even given you an entire booklet of checklists to check, check and check off some more.

We think these people with their quality assurance programs and long lists of contributing factors are well meaning. Overly complicated in their thinking, but well meaning. And we all should appreciate their good intentions.

Done appreciating? Okay.

In reality, there are only two essential components. Really, only two.

If you have everything else but not these two factors, you don’t have a decent program. If you have these two elements but nothing else, you can still have a fabulous program that changes lives for the better.

So, here’s the secret to a fabulous after school or camp program…there are two things you must have.

Decent People and Interesting Things To Do

That’s it. Really.

Everything else is gravy.

Every other factor…supplies, academic intervention efforts, available time, unsafe neighborhoods, space and location, logistics, food, relationships with school principals or teachers, socio-economic status, percentage of English language learners, funding sources and amounts, busing, field trips, S.T.E.M. involvement, volunteers, parent participation and education, storage room, adequate facilities, cool matching T-shirts, community partnerships, walkie-talkies with or without earclips, adequate disaster preparation plans…and so on. Gravy.

I know! The suspense. It’s gone! Oh, well. Now that we’ve let the cat out of the bag, we should just close up shop, eh?

What? What’s that you say? Having Decent People and Doing Interesting Things is actually kind of hard?

You’re right.

And we’ll talk some more about that very soon!

And, um, while we can’t do much about helping you hire decent people, we are happy to help with the ‘Interesting Things To Do’ part.

Click here to check out our first offering, the comedy program for after school and camp programs, Laugh Riot. Because laughing a lot is very interesting!

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