Laugh Riot: Literacy through Jokes! New After School Curriculum
Laugh Riot, a literacy and public speaking program using comedy for after school programs

Afterschool Publishing is pleased to announce that we are open for business.

In addition, we are particularly tickled to announce the inaugural publication of “Laugh Riot: A program for exploring comedy using literacy and public speaking skills”.

Program Cover for Laugh Riot by Afterschool Publishing

As the first program available from Afterschool Publishing, Laugh Riot perfectly exemplifies our vision of providing lots of fun for children and staff while providing relevant academic enrichment and improving program quality.

Devoted to the light-hearted yet serious-minded study of the world of comedy, Laugh Riot’s academic core actually demands that children work diligently on their literacy and public speaking skills.

Afterschool Publishing is also pleased to share the upcoming slate of new releases for winter/spring 2011 at our Shop page.

We look forward to providing countless more experiential and standards-aligned curriculum for after school and camp programs for many years to come!

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