Fliers ‘N Gliders: Soar into Science!
Glide your children into a strong grasp of the scientific method using paper airplanes

Fliers ‘N Gliders is a fun-filled, hands-on STEM program teaching children the scientific method using paper airplanes over five sessions.

A 75-page curriculum in a heavy-duty binder, Fliers ‘N Gliders was written with the challenges and opportunities of the afterschool and camp worlds in mind. The sessions are scripted for easy implementation by beginner and veteran staff alike.

Field-tested with hundreds of children, this program is a sure-fire hit as children eagerly fold and launch darts, gliders, choppers and more.

The academic content and skills are naturally embedded in the flying hi-jinks as the children learn the three conditions of ‘good science’ and conduct their own original science experiments.

The program ends on a high note as children present their paper airplane scientific findings and participate in competitive flights in the Flight Science Expo!


Academic Elements of the Fliers ‘N Gliders Curriculum:

  • Scientific Process Skills: Science Experiment Design
  • 3 Conditions of ‘Good Science’: Variable/Control, Multiple Trials, Repeatable
  • Hands-on Engineering of 6 models of Planes and Other Constructions
  • Inter-disciplinary work in Mathematics, English Language Skills, Public Speaking, and Teamwork
  • In-Depth Discussions for Practicing English Language Skills in Speaking and Listening

Useful Features of the Fliers ‘N Gliders Program:

  • Common Core Standards Aligned
  • 21st Century Skills Aligned
  • Session Preparation Time: Low
  • Adjustable for 1st through 8th Grades
  • Easily adapted for English Language Learners and Special Needs
  • Assessment Module with Data Collection Sheets Included

ISBN: 978-0-9832781-1-5

Price: $49

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