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Let’s talk about the second part of the secret to a fabulous after school or camp program! If the first part is to Hire Decent People (and they don’t have to be superstars), then the second part really is to Have Interesting Things To Do. This may appear to be sooooo obvious at first glance. […]

Teaching STEM skills in after school and camp programs is so much fun with Fliers ‘N Gliders, a new science curriculum using paper airplanes to teach the conditions of good scientific method process skills.

Afterschool Publishing is pleased to announce that we are open for business. In addition, we are particularly tickled to announce the inaugural publication of “Laugh Riot: A program for exploring comedy using literacy and public speaking skills”. As the first program available from Afterschool Publishing, Laugh Riot perfectly exemplifies our vision of providing lots of […]

In an earlier post, I gave away the secret to a fabulous after school or camp program. For free. Hire Decent People and Have Interesting Things to Do Whoops! Gave it away again. I am such blabber-mouth. Sigh. Oh, well. Let’s talk a little about the “hiring decent people” part. This means the hiring and […]

I know we’re new. And marketing gurus strongly advise that new companies should build up suspense to launch their new venture and offerings to pique people’s interest. But I’m not going to do it.

Nope. We’re just gonna lay it out for everyone to see right here and now. That’s right.

Just like the heading says…we’re gonna hand out the secret to a fabulous after school or camp program.

And for free, too.

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